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"Uh. Ogata." Hayato fumbles, running his fingers through his hair, "You might have a twin brother." Ogata frowns, brows furrowing together into a thin, singular line. Apparently, the boy got Ryu’s scary-as-fuck anger issues. "Might? What the hell, dad.” Ryu rolls his eyes. “Don’t listen to your father. He was just walking around a nearby school and saw someone who looks like you. And then his brain started working, and we all know that’s never a good thing.” Hayato looks like he’s pouting, and really, no—the last time he made this silly face, they ended up adopting a kid. It also got Hayato a new game console, extra helpings of dessert, and nightly cuddling in the expense of Ryu’s dignity. “But he likes porn, Ryu.” Hayato whimpers sadly, and Ryu pats him on the head, all sympathetic. “I know Hayato, I know.”「 19/100 赤亀 posts | Cracktastic Happy Gokusen 2 Family」

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Jin: Go Kame!!
Kame: *running half-assed*
Jin: 'scuse me Nakamaru, coming through, have something important to say- OI!!
Kame: Sorry, my bad! I’ll run properly!

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Original article here

I do not have a full translation of the article for you however, what happened is at the Bruno Mars concert that took place in Chiba on 4/13, Akanishi and Kamenashi were both present. Not to mention that a NUMBER of other Japanese celebrities were also present. These two…